Why & How

EU islands are facing common challenges in terms of high energy costs and local CO2 emissions, security of supply and system stability. In the EU many islands have become a site of energy innovation, where betting on renewable energy sources (RES) exploitation is a winning choice to meet their energy needs. In Mediterranean area, despite the potential of renewable energy, this green transition goes slowly, and Mediterranean islands (Misl) still maintain a great dependency on fossil fuel.

PRISMI aims at tackling these key challenges by supporting the transition of Misl to an autonomous, clean, secure, low-carbon energy system – in line with the overall EU Energy Union package and EU 2020-30 Strategies – through the development of an integrated trans-national approach to assess and exploit local RES potential.

The setting up of this new model for local renewable energy production will be based on the integration of three pillars:

  • the scientific knowledge;
  • the local authorities work;
  • the citizens involvement.

Merging these three different basis, the new approach will be able to assess, map and finally promote the use of new hybrid systems that combine RES and last generation’s storage devices, in order to increase the share of RES, contributing to sustainable development and inclusive growth in the MED Programme area. This approach aspires to change the current energy model characterized by the use of fossil fuels and strongly centralized, towards a new energy pattern based on distributed generation from RES and focused on territorial resources and local community’s needs.