Who we are

PRISMI partnership consists of 7 project partners: Sapienza University of Rome, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and savings (CRES), University of Zagreb (UNIZAG FSB), Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA), Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (PUAS), Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA) and Municipality of Favignana; and 7 associated partners among which: public administrations, associations and local action groups.
PRISMI partners are located in five EU countries: Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Malta.


List of Project Partners

Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome, founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, is one of the oldest universities in the world and a high performer among the largest universities in international rankings. The main campus was opened in 1935. It is the largest in Europe, within it teaching activities are integrated with libraries, museums and comprehensive student services. Sapienza carries out outstanding scientific research in most disciplines, achieving impressive results both on a national and international level.

Specifically, the Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering (DIAEE) of Sapienza University is coordinating PRISMI project.DIAEE promotes and coordinates scientific research, academic teaching, PhD courses, and third parties in the following areas: Energy and Environment, Energy Saving and Distributed Micro Generation, Renewable Energy Sources, Heating and Cooling Power Plants, Risk analysis, Energy Planning and Management, GIS Analysis, etc.DIAEE Department has a multiyear and multidisciplinary experience in energy analysis, hybrid energy systems, building performance assessment and historical building refurbishment. In the last decades, it collaborated with several national and local public administrations (i.e. Italian Ministries, Regions, Municipalities, etc.) developing national and international scientific projects.DIAEE has extensive experience in participating in and coordinating EU co-funded projects in programmes such as HORIZON 2020, ENPICBCMED, Interreg, etc.Only in the last 3 years, it was involved in more than 10 EU projects. With academic staff from a range of disciplines, together with a highly experienced administration, DIAEE combines a breadth of technical expertise with a high level of project management competence.

Contact details:
Name: Davide Astiaso Garcia
Tel: +39 0649918641
Mob: +39 3492303498
E-mail: davide.astiasogarcia@uniroma1.it
Organisation address: Via Eudossiana, 18 - 00184 Roma (ITALY)

Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving

The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) is the Greek Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Energy Saving (ES). It was founded in September 1987 by the Presidential Decree 375. 

It is a public entity, supervised by the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy, and has financial and administrative independence. CRES has been appointed as the national co-ordination centre in its areas of activity by Law 2244/94 and Law 2702/99.

Since 1992, CRES is located on its wholly owned premises, which apart from the offices they also include experimental outdoor installations, a wind energy test site, specialized laboratories (biomass, photovoltaics, passive solar systems, fuel cells, wind energy), mechanical shop, conference rooms, a library and a strong computing infrastructure. CRES has a scientific staff of approximately 165 people out of whom 130 are permanent staff, 110 highly qualified engineers (most of them holding a PhD Degree) and other scientists whilst the remaining are external experts who work with CRES on a contract basis. CRES develops new technologies and projects in wind, PVs, solar thermal, geothermal, hydro, biomass and biogas projects. 

CRES’ funding is provided mainly by the European Union, through the Centre’s participation in competitive EU programmes, by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and other Ministries, through CRES’ participation in national projects, as well as from work carried out on behalf of third parties (industry, investors, etc.).

CRES operates in two main activity fields:


  • As a Research and Technological Centre for RES/RUE/ES, by developing applied research for the new energy technologies and by technically supporting the market for the penetration and the implementation of these technologies.
  • As the National Energy Centre, working on energy planning and policy for RES and ES and developing the necessary infrastructure to support the implementation of RES & ES investment projects.

Contact details:
Name: Christoforos Perakis
Tel: +30 2106607428
Fax:+30 2106603301
E-mail: cperakis@cres.gr
Organisation address: 19th km Marathonos Ave, 19009, Pikermi Attiki Greece

 University of Zagreb

The research group at the Power Engineering and Energy Management Chair (PEEMC), Department of Energy, Power Engineering and Environment on the UNIZAG FSB is a leading group in sustainable development of power supply, covering the following main areas: power plants technologies, optimization and control, cogeneration technology and optimization, energy management and energy efficiency, energy policies and energy planning, integrated environmental studies, renewable energy sources, sustainability, energy related climate change, capacity building in energy and environment, and promotion of energy technologies, among others.

PEEMC will contribute with its expertise in renewable energy technologies, modelling island energy systems and energy planning as the leader of Work Package 3 – Studying. Through our work and projects we have been dealing with techno-economic calculations of implementing RES technologies and transferring the knowledge to the target groups, as well as modelling the energy systems from the city scale to the national and regional level and creating policy measures on local (SEAP-s) to national scale for the energy system development. Also Power Engineering and Energy Management Chair have a lot of experience in teaching and dissemination area including workshops and conferences.

Contact details:
Name: Neven Duić
Tel: +385 16168493
E-mail: prismi@fsb.hr 
Organisation address: Ivana Lučića 5, 10002, Zagreb, Croatia

Cyprus Energy Agency

The Cyprus Energy Agency is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 2009 for carrying out activities related to the promotion of renewable energy, energy saving and sustainable transport and urban mobility. The establishment and the operation of the Cyprus energy Agency was co-financed by the European Commission through the program "Intelligent Energy for Europe" and the Union of Cyprus Communities, for three years.
The Cyprus Energy Agency is managed by eleven-member Management Board, the members of which are set out in its founding statutes. The Cyprus Energy Agency advises a special Advisory Committee, which brings together adjoining European organizations, European and international networks, and many institutional organizations from Cyprus.
Mission of Cyprus Energy Agency is to be an information point for the local society, providing education and vocational training, as well as point of promoting local and European partnerships in research and development, enhancing the role of local authorities in the sustainable energy planning issues, with a view to protecting the environment, the promotion of renewable energy sources, energy saving and sustainable transport.

Contact details:
Name: Giannis Kanaris
Tel: +357 22667716
Fax:+357 22667736
E-mail: giannis.kanaris@cea.org.cy
Organisation address: 10-12 Lefkonos street, 1011, Nicosia Cyprus


Piraeus University of Applied Sciences - Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

The Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (PUAS) (www.teipir.gr) ranks among the top five technical universities of Greece, offering excellent academic, social and cultural infrastructure to over 15,000 active students, while also actively engaging into research activities through participation and coordination of various EU-funded and national projects.
Mechanical Engineering Department, where the Soft Energy Applications & Environmental Protection Lab-(SEALAB, www.sealab.gr) and the Optimisation of Production Systems Laboratory (OPS) (http://ikaros.teipir.gr/OPS) belong, is the oldest and biggest Department in PUAS. SEALAB  representing PUAS in PRISMI project, has long experience in the field of RES and more specifically with their implementation in island networks, with its ongoing research activities focusing on:

  • Novel Strategies for Increasing RES Integration
  • Policy Development & Economics of Energy Storage
  • Implementation of the Green Island Concept
  • Simulation Tools for Energy Storage (Battery Storage, PHS, CAES, H2)
  • Integrated Energy & Water Production-Supply
  • Novel water supply methods for islands and areas with water shortage
  • Optimisation of Energy and Environmental Systems 

SEALAΒ, amongst its very high quality educational activities, has developed and operates two postgraduate programs related to energy and environmental technologies and business:

  • M.Sc in Energy /Systems, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Piraeus)/ Heriot-Watt University (http://mscenergysystems.teipir.gr)
  • M.Sc Energy and Environmental Investments - Piraeus University of Applied Sciences  (MBAenergy.gr),

while among the recent Research projects carried out by the PUAS Team is the project TILOS (Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage, ongoing research) (www.tiloshorizon.eu).
Furthermore, SEALAB and OPS Lab participate as Editors in Renewable Energy academic journal (Elsevier) in the Wind Energy and Policy thematic areas.
Finally, SEALAB plays a pioneer role in new clean and sustainable technologies implementation and has developed a self-funded, stand-alone & grid connected solar-based EV charging station, with the contribution of Greek and foreign industrial partners based on a modern PV generator and an appropriate battery storage installation.

Contact details:
Name: Emilia Kondili
Tel: +30 2105381430
Fax: +30 2105381430
E-mail: ekondili@puas.gr
Organisation address: 20 P. Ralli and Thivon Av., 12244 Aegaleo, Greece


Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency

Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA) was set up 2007 with the mission to support and encourage a more intelligent use of conventional energy resources and renewable sources by promoting awareness initiatives and research projects that contribute to define incisive and targeted action plans and policies of intervention in Malta. Since it was established, the Agency has been involved in a number of EU funded projects developing research and activities on: green economy, sustainable practices in tourism and local governance, innovation in renewable energy sources (bio fuels, photovoltaic and wind power), heritage and landscape valorisation, smart-grids applications, sustainable mobility, IT and e-learning tools. In collaboration with educational institutions and Universities, MIEMA organises educational and training activities, conferences and seminars, offers internships to students on research mobility programmes and develops capacity building for policymakers.


Address: 9c, M.A. Vassalli Street, Valletta, Malta


Municipality of Favignana Island

The Municipality of Favignana – Egadi Islands, important tourist destination at both national and international level, has around 4.000 inhabitants. The archipelago, administrated by Giuseppe Pagoto, who had been elected major in June 2013, includes 4 islands: Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo and Formica, located in northwest coast of Sicily Island, in the province of Trapani.

The Municipality of Favignana manages the Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Egadi Islands, the largest area in the Mediterranean Sea (53,992 hectares), that hosts the largest Posidonia oceanica meadow in the Mediterranean Sea, a large number of sea caves and more than 70 diving sites, both superficial and very deep, in a crystal clear sea.
Egadi Islands have a very high biodiversity, generated by the great variety of habitats in the coastal zones and seabed, where many protected and endangered species live. For example, the MPA of Egadi Islands has recently documented the presence of at least one specimen of monk seal (Monachus monachus), a species classified as critically endangered. In order to monitor it, an “Observatory of the Monk Seal” was set up in the Castle of Punta Troia in Marettimo, which is also the Museum of Prisons.
The Municipality of Favignana is first in line at sustainability and climate change issues as it is shown from its adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. Furthermore, its proactivity in these fields is shown by the funding project “Sole e stelle delle Egadi” that aims to encourage renewable energy (RE) implementation and sustainable mobility, and by many collaborations with different Italian Universities for research projects seeking to assess local RE potential.

Contact details:
Name: Diego Gandolfo
Tel: +393299372618
Mob: +393299372618
E-mail: diego.gandolfo2@gmail.com
Organisation address: Piazza Europa 2 - 91023 Favignana (ITALY)



List of Associated Partners

Hellenic Small Islands Network (HSIN) - Greece
Contact details: 
Name: Eleftherios Kechagioglou
E-mail: president@smallislands.eu

Country of Split-Dalmatia (SDC) - Croatia
Contact details:

Name:Ranko Vujcic, Martin Bućan
E-mail: ranko.vujcic@dalmacija.hr, Martin.Bucan@dalmacija.hr

Community Council of Neon Chorion - Cyprus
Contact details:
Name: Antonia Theodosiou
E-mail: theodosioua@cytanet.com.cy

Gozo Development Agency (GDA) - Malta
Contact details:
Name: George Refalo
E-mail: george.refalo@gov.mt

Associazione Nazionale Comuni Isole Minori (ANCIM) - Italy
Contact details:
Name: Giannina Usai
E-mail: segreteriaancim@gmail.com

Local action group "LAG 5" (LAG 5) - Croatia
Contact details:
Name: Marija Roglic
E-mail: info@lag5.hr

Municipality of Tilos island (TILOS) - Greece
Contact details:
Name: Eustathios Kontos
E-mail: eustathiosk@gmail.com