PRISMI decision tool for load-flow analysis

The specific tool has been developed to analyze grid-connection scenarios based on GIS RES data and is available free of charge.

In the frame of the PRISMI project a load-flow analysis tool has been developed. The aim of this tool is to facilitate the analysis of energy plans and solutions by providing the user with specific implementation examples and recommendations regarding operating challenges for the electricity grids of islands. By means of this analysis the user can identify cases in which the installation of RES plants at specific points of the island grid could cause violation of the operating limits. 

Here you can find the User Guide of the tool.

PRISMI decision tool for load-flow analysis has been developed by the Centre of Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) and is distributed free of charge after filling in the PRISMI Network Registration Form
and sending it to the Project Coordinator:

For inquires related to technical issues, please contact the developer:,