Italian Regional Engagement Event – Palermo 16th of March

Can Mediterranean islands reach energy self-sufficiency by means of Renewable Energy Sources? How?

These are the main topics that will be discussed during the PRISMI meeting in Palermo, on March 16th 2018, starting at 10 am.

PRISMI aims at developing a strategy applicable to all the small islands, able to assess and map local renewable energy sources and to elaborate energy scenarios and related techno-economic feasibility analysis.


Favignana, partner of this project, will be one of the study areas of this strategy that could change the future of small European islands.

The PRISMI meeting in Palermo, organised by Municipality of Favignana with the support of “La Sapienza University” of Rome, will be an important chance of meeting between small islands, institutions and authorities, private sector and civil society, in order to share ideas, best practices and knowledge about the opportunities for the sustainability of islands.


The meeting will take place at the conference room of the Small Islands Office in Palermo, (via Magliocco 46). There will be Giuseppe Pagoto, Major of Favignana, Stefano Donati, Director at Egadi Islands Marine Protected Area, Gianni Chianetta for, Gianni Silvestrini, researcher at University of Palermo and CNR (Italian National Research Council) and former General Director at the Italian Ministry of the Environment. Moreover, there will be representatives of the European Commission (DG Energy), of Italian Ministry of Economic Development, and ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development).


"Working as partner together with a network of important public, scientific and academic actors, both Italian and international, give us the chance to take many opportunities" – says the Major of Favignana Giuseppe Pagoto. “The meeting of Palermo is a real team effort: a further and meaningful result that will enable us to develop many other projects, one by one, as well as new resources, good practices and prestigious collaborations”​.