PRISMI project has been completed with success and the PRISMI international network has been succesfully developed. It comprehends academic and research institutions and, public or private organizations, at local or national level, and specialized agencies, interested or involved in the conversation and sustainable energy planning of Mediterranean islands.

The project ended with the common feeling among partners that PRISMI added a significant value in the support of local authorities in the Mediterranean islands to their transition to low-carbon and climate change resilient systems with cost-effective way.

Of course, the actions do not stop here and there are certainly prospects for improvement and further cooperation in the near future. So, subscribe to the PRISMI Network to be provided with the developed PRISMI tools for local energy planning. These supports the elaboration of project proposals for co-financing measures and pilot projects in sustainable development, energy efficiency and renewable energy applications.


PRISMI Integrated Toolkit

The PRISMI project has been completed with success and the PRISMI integrated toolkit (based on a transnational approach) that addresses the island energy issues by assessing and mapping Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and for the targeted elaboration of energy scenarios of penetration in the electrical systems of the Mediterranean islands has been succesfully developed.

The toolkit has been tested during the project by developing Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAPs) in five study areas in the Mediterranean area and it is now ready.

Subscribe to the PRISMI Network and get the complete toolkit by sending an email with the signed documents to the project coordinator:


New cooperation between research bodies and local institutions for decarbonisation

Videos in national language, where the toolkit application is presented step by step

Sapienza Team presented Prismi Plus during the 16th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, SDEWES2021, 10-15 October 2021, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Identify barriers to the introduction of renewable energy sources in the Mediterranean islands/countries

Be part of the renewable energy transition of Mediterranean islands!

PRISMI is inviting all the interested local authorities and stakeholders to take part in this survey and support our EU project.

Please fill in this anonymous questionnaire with the aim to map the potential level of RES integration and identify the main barriers to the introduction of clean energy.
It should not take more than a few minutes of your time. 


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